Minecraft Museums 

How museums are creating interactive experiences in Minecraft

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In what ways a museum can stay up-to-date and amplify the experience of its visitors? Or better yet, of those users who cannot visit it in person?

There’s plenty of choice: some museums made available video guides of their tours, others created virtual reality and interactive experiences. Others yet have used the famous video game Minecraft for true reconstructions.

In 2016 the Museum of London, on the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire in 1666, commissioned a reconstruction of the city of London before and after the fire in Minecraft to Blackworks, a team of designers specialised in this specific field. 

Another example is “Tate Worlds”: the English museum Tate Modern commissioned the creation of maps inspired to paintings by Andre Derain, Giorgio De Chirico and Peter Blake in Minecraft. The aim was to virtually show the real places that inspired such paintings, or better, a 3D recreation of how these authors interpreted the world. The result is an experience midway between the metaphysical and the educational that teaches in a passive way, a game everyone can understand.

Such initiatives erase the dividing lines between concepts like Art, Video game, Interactive Experience, and Educational Entertainment. But maybe, such lines have never really existed. 


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