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The mash-up as a language of satire

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The mash-up as a language of satire: the old combined with the new, the high and the low, the cultured with the vulgar. If in everyday life it is difficult to find meaning, why should art have any?

Sugar Free
The 21st century is sometimes so surreal that even Dali wouldn't know how to comment on it.

And they said that graffiti was toxic: they didn't yet know that the No. 1 danger would be the air.

A priceless beauty. How much will you sell it for?

Swipe F*** Up
Social media would swallow even the most mocking smile in the history of art.

If you want to get to the American dream, beware of all the nightmares first.

"Beaneater"? Why not let yourself be tempted by some healthy fast food?

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