The immersive concert with 1.6 Million viewers

A collective and shared experience on Sky: Children of the Light

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Sky: Children of the Light is a cross-platform online video game developed by Thatgamecompany, already responsible for titles such as Journey, flOw and Flower. They are recognised by fans for their approach focused on obtaining an emotional response from players by fusing gameplay, music and art direction into creative and original solutions.

Periodically, the game releases new updates in the form of 'Seasons', which may correspond to new levels to explore, new stories or new skins for one's character. The latest season, which the developers have been working on for almost a year, was 'The Season of AURORA', a collaborative project with Swedish singer Aurora, already the voice behind the game's soundtrack. Available from 17 October to 2 January 2022, this Season is structured like a real concert in an arena. Each song is experienced by players as a level, with a story to follow and fantastic environments to explore while flying, all with 4000 simultaneous users, all visible on screen: the result is a flock of avatars dancing together in space to the beat of the music. The inspiration for this type of event came from concerts on Fortnite by artists such as Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and Marshmello, which saw millions of people connected at the same time, but all separated into rooms of around 40 people maximum each. The thinking behind The Season of AURORA was: what if we could do the same thing, but with thousands of real people in the audience who can feel each other?

The peak number of visitors at these concerts was 1.6 Million, so 400 full arenas with 4000 active users each, running at the same time. The reactions of fans, content creators and specialized critics to this marvel of creativity and technology were enthusiastic. A shared experience, a unique marriage of arts, technology and community, working in harmony to create something new, engaging and exciting.

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