Bh For Future: our synergy with Fridays For Future

There is a particular issue close to our hearts in which we are delighted to participate: the Digital Strike, launched by Fridays For Future.

Last October 9 in Piazza Municipio in Naples, we joined the international strike involving millions of people worldwide to carry out collective actions and safeguard the climate and our planet.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, we wanted to contribute by spreading our branded masks made with recyclable material to carry a double message: protect yourself and others, acting responsibly to ensure a better future for everyone.

Our call to action

You always have to fight for what you believe

Indifference generates nothing but unconcern and invalidates any improvement opportunity, finding in the Fridays For Future Movement a chance to get our voices heard, striking against the use of harmful substances for the environment.

The Movement born in 2018 thanks to the courage of Greta Thunberg, is to limit the impact of global warming and maintain a climatic temperature below + 1.5ºC. And for this, we need a targeted and long-lasting strategy.

When Greta Thunberg began striking lonely in front of the Swedish parliament we were watching her on TV and carefully listening to her speeches on the radio. When other Swedish kids joined her in striking against the world leaders who improperly hold our planet in their hands, we were there, with our hearts.

Because in our humble ways we felt the need to do something as well. We were finally starting to become aware that we could and must change for a better future of our Earth.

And when the Movement went global on March 15, 2019, we already knew our next move.

Striking for the climate on October 9 in Piazza Municipio in Naples was essential.

Distributing our masks to protect ourselves and others was necessary.

We joined over 14 million people striking, not only in Italy but around the world, supporting the decision to spread international awareness for millions of people to take definite action to prevent the climate crisis.

Our responsibility on global renewal

On October 9, 2020, in Piazza Municipio, we were honestly afraid to protest during a pandemic, it is something you do if you believe deeply in the mission.

Supplied with determination and wearing our mask, we fought for more than just an idea.

We have fought for CO2 emissions reduction.

We call for a scenario capable of limiting the impact of global warming.

We shared our energies to talk about "climate justice".

During the Fridays For Future Digital Strike, we realized once again the value of leading something great to everybody.

Our brand has always been eco-friendly, but we are working to make it more sustainable than now: using recyclable fabrics, totally sustainable packaging, offices and logistics powered by renewable energy, concretely reducing CO2 emissions.

That's why that day we had to be there.

That's why we picked our side, recognizing the climate crisis as a solid threat that must be addressed, including the designation of funds for biodiversity protection.

Every altruistic behaviour is procreative. It is a hand helping a worthy innovation in the mindful choice to use our own space and time.

That's why we standstill. And we will not stop our voices from being heard.

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