Blowhammer for Good feat Imama: creativity for the social

This summer, Blowhammers stepped forward to the success of an important goal. The idea of doing something authentic and permanent to improve our future and for everyone.

With the Non-Profit Association IMAMA, we supported the projects of various charities.

Blowhammer dropped the For Good feat Imama collection and we can't wait to tell you about it.

Artwork for the change

We have always considered ourselves more than only a clothing brand.

First, making art is our main mission, second our artworks are produced by the best international and national digital artists.

But also because we are actively committed to reducing CO2 through the use of water-based inks and machines that do not require the use of chemical solvents.

With Blowhammer for Good, we wanted to give life to a new beginning, a new ethical and sustainable idea, protecting humans and the entire planet.

So we have been so lucky to meet an exceptional ally on our journey: the Association and fashion brand IMAMA, born to support social projects in Italy and around the world.

IMAMA aims at a self-sustainable attitude where several social projects can develop thanks to the funds earned from the sale of products. An active and proactive system combined with the skills of the people involved.


Our CAPSULE COLLECTION was born blending these two concept

We chose to support the projects of numerous charities, Italian and internationally, doing our best: creating wearable artwork!

Each Capsule Collection met the support of a specific project.

The plan behind is to give life to a solid charity network.

IMAMA is responsible for identifying the artists and realities to be combined with each Capsule Collection.

We pick the designs donated by the artists on different garments - sweatshirts, t-shirts, swimsuits, hats - and we market them on our sales channels.

The first Capsule Collection is for the AMREF project

AMREF developed the Erripo Ontoye project in Kenya - We protect women. And we decided to support it.

We want to support the freedom of anyone's future. 

Still, now freedom is being denied.

Erripo Ontoye in Kenya - Let's Protect Girls aims at gender equality and improving women's rights in Kenya.

AMREF's dream is to create a Girls Academy:

  • to improve knowledge on reproductive sexual health rights among teenagers
  • to end the female genital mutilation
  • to stop forced child marriages

Girls Academy is our first challenge. A big dream. A revolution.

Every artwork sold in our Capsule Collection will pay for a girl's scholarship and change her life forever.

Nik The Rookie, the first artist to join the team

The first artist to join this noble human operation is Nik The Rookie, whose first work was inspired by Africa and the women, for the first Capsule Collection in support of the social project of the NGO AMREF.

Nicola Rinaldi aka Nik The Rookie was born as a graphic designer/art director, and then began tattooing in 2010, establishing himself as an international artist in the Neo-Traditional style.

Nik promptly accepted the proposal partnership with great enthusiasm and used his art to serve this noble cause.

With his audacious style, he created a splendid Capsule Collection using warm tones of velvet and autumn leaves: it's like having a canvas tattooed on the skin, a creative chain reaction bringing fresh air and astonishment.

We want to lead the change

Dream it, get it, and then let's make a difference. It's not about the look but we all want to be. That's why we got into this marvellous project.

The future starts here, from us living the present. And from you too.

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