Dave Mirra: the BMX legend

Today we want to honour David Mirra, one of the undisputed champions of BMX, a sport born in the late sixties.

Mirra won 24 medals, of which 14 gold, at the X Games - from 1995 to 2009. He did a huge difference and impact in the game: in 2000 he was the first to perform a double backflip during a competition. He was also the first winner of three gold medals in a single X Games competition.

Mirra starred in the video game series dedicated to him: Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX and led two seasons of Real World / Road Rules Challenge for MTV USA. Thanks to his talent and passion, he is considered the one making history for this sport. 


The Miracle Man of BMX

The Chittenango boy, New York, moved with his brother Tim to Greenville - North Carolina - and gradually became a symbol: the Miracle Man of BMX. One of the freestyle interpreters, a real icon who, unfortunately, three years ago, put an end to his life.

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