Eternal art: the Blowhammers world vision

Cloud9 Capsule collection isn't only a journey in famous paintings, sculptures and architecture history, also the most inextinguishable proof our only legacy is art. Always.

"Showroom" art

We never get enough of watching a sunrise or sunset, so art is a constant new day for us. Artists have produced several kinds of beauty and styles following different perspectives and ideas. The creative universe is rich and endless, blossoming on contaminations, experiments, failures, revolutions.

Classicism, Impressionism, Cubism are just some movements that have permanently transformed our perception of the world.

The trendsetters dared to tell people stories, finding ways to talk about important topics and lifting the spirits by giving fearlessness to those suffering, freedom to the enslaved, hope to those who had nothing left. And they spoke about anger, pain, shame without any fear.

Art has a multidisciplinary approach and meaning: it gives us a profound view of ourselves and inspires us with the concept taught by artists. It's mental freedom. The awareness that art is free and can change lives: choosing freely is one of the most important things we have, right?

Color in [e] motion

 "Art" is often associated with galleries or museums like Renaissance paintings or modern sculptures. The reality is that we are surrounded by art, using it continuously: we rely on it in all its forms in our daily life.

When you look at paintings you hang on your office wall, you feel happy.

Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at University College London, declared that when staring at some art our brain responds as falling in love: the painting or a sculptured beauty increases the dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter helping to control the compensation and pleasure in the brain.

We feel it because we have tested it on ourselves, we decided to make a tribute to the art of all centuries. These creative expressions surrounding us are mixed with our originality, creating the type of atmosphere we desire, they blend with our world. Not surprisingly the English saying 'be on cloud nine' inspired us to name our Cloud9 Capsule, which in Italian translation would be "being in seventh heaven"!

Cloud9 Capsule collection rooted in our core

To create the Cloud9 Capsule collection we took a journey into art, finding paintings signifying a lot for us. A tribute to immortal creations begins from here.

Today our artworks still have the significant role of describing what is in our heart, our vision of the world and the meaning of philosophical issues such as the life core.

What's left in the centuries is the story people will tell about us, and our story can only be told as an art form.

We desire to carry it wherever we are heading, choosing to reveal it to the world and as many people as possible: those who neglect beauty, those who cannot reach it, those who want it more.

Challenging us: to share what excites us, to get involved and open our minds

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