Green Art: finding solutions for our environments

Art and nature have always had a connection, inspiring many artists.

Our environmental awareness drew attention to the effects of natural resources exploitation worldwide.

The artists have the chance to propose new ideas to raise awareness of different ecological circumstances.

It's called Ecological Art and we are completely in love with it.


Art seeking social justice

With the pollution caused by humankind, many students and activists declared a new geological era 'the Anthropocene', pointing out how the environment appears shaped mainly by human interference.



Several artists decided to develop their projects to minimize the environmental footprint. Art helps to expose water pollution, the melting of glaciers, the loss of biodiversity turning them into street art, painting, art installations, performances, digital art, video. Social justice is the epitome of new creativity.

It's not unexpected that this new research claims art: artists are careful observers of the environment.

Art and nature are linked tightly: the nature struggle alters the relationship between artists and the landscape. Considering the rise of Land Art, attempting to create artworks right in nature, all artistic installations can transform places into open-air museums.


Art, eco-friendly: revolution, connection, service

How can contemporary art lead to a real impact on the cultural and social situation?

This question marked the beginning of Ecological art.

According to the definition, Ecological Art is:

 "Ecological art is an art genre and artistic practice that seeks to preserve, remediate and/or vitalize the life forms, resources and ecology of Earth, by applying the principles of ecosystems to living species and their habitats throughout the lithosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere, including wilderness, rural, suburban and urban locations ".

Ecological Art characteristic is giving a precise response to the global environmental crisis through the promotion of environmental awareness and the involvement of communities.

 Painting, graffiti, murals, photography, videos, installations, sculptures but also music, cinema, stories and poetry deliver the Ecological Art message: a connection between life and art, especially between life and the environment.

The Ecological Art Manifesto

Ecological Art proposes to create representative works of urban improvement and redevelopment projects; depending on the protest art involved, inform and activate a change in favor of sustainable lifestyles.

According to online magazine, Ecological Art Manifesto contain these 5 beliefs:

1 - Focus on the system of connection in our environment, on the physical, biological, cultural, political and historical aspects of ecological systems.

2 - Create works that use natural materials or interact naturally with wind, water or sunlight.

3- Recover, restore and repair damaged ecosystems.

4- Inform the public about the ecological dynamics and environmental problems you face.

5 - Review ecological relations, creatively proposing new possibilities for coexistence, sustainability and healing.

The Art noise

Time to be loud. Pay attention and be involved in taking care of nature.

Art has a unique performative power and the Ecological one is an exceptional resource to understand the global issues of our time, creating collaborations to encourage awareness of humans impact on Earth.

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