How urban culture influences our work

Blowhammer is a clothing brand not falling for mainstream trends!

For us, it doesn't matter what is "common" or what is "trendy" but only what frees our vision.

Who decides what is fashion or what is not? The real revolution is to be yourself, to follow your instinct and creativity while respecting your freedom and the others.

And if we need inspiration, we browse in the streets. We blend in with modern culture and we do our part in our way.

Why is urban culture necessary?

Urban culture emerges from a specific demand: to know the city not as a restricted space with fixed boundaries but as a constant changing “society”, like an open-air museum to be renewed day by day.

The crumbling walls become canvases to leave a message transformed into murals and graffiti. Walls, steps and railings become obstacles to be overcome by defying gravity with a skate or doing parkour; the sounds of cars, trams on rails, electric drills, the quick footsteps in the morning become rhythm and music!

Urban culture always has a specific purpose: to improve the world we have. Whether it is a complaint, a game, an experiment or a sport.

It's about the possibility of expressing yourself, being the heroes for a change, involving, sharing and letting the creativity run free to achieve more powerful goals.

Our vision on urban culture

What many consider madness almost illegal is now art. 

Colours have penetrated every gloomy place,  "awkward" sounds have become melodies, prejudices disappeared, places that used to seem plain turned into creative hubs.

Our urban roots start there. The differences inspire our clothing creations. Graphics, design, style but also our open-minded vision and the ability to see things differently. For us, the new ways to understand reality are not a limitation but a new challenge to improve ourselves.

How to “wear” the urban culture

When we create our artworks we don’t follow any current trend. We let ourselves be inspired by the world surrounding us, for example, technology, the web, music, etc.

Art is at the centre of our world, it is the way that allows us to represent reality and share it with everyone. Yes, we consider ourselves artists. It's not a display of vanity but our pride, brave, hard work and sweat, that means we follow our dreams.

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