Polyester - a sustainable option

We used to wear t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts and many other polyester clothes, although only a few know what it is. Let's make it clear!

What is Polyester?

It is an artificial fibre born in the 1940s and becoming one of the most used materials in the clothing and furniture industry.

The versatility of this material makes it adaptable for the production of both light and breathable fabrics, both soft and velvety: from down jackets to coats, from t-shirts to sportswear.

The main features of polyester

Polyester fabrics have great characteristics that led them to be used especially in the fashion industry:

  • rubbing and damage resistance
  • elasticity
  • glow
  • tear resistance
  • folding resistance
  • ease of dyeing
  • thermal insulating

Unfortunately, it also has some limitations such as the formation of pilling caused by the regular washing and generating static electricity similar to other fabrics such as wool.

Polyester: an ally of the environment

Polyester possesses another essential feature: the deteriorating resistance! The colours don't fade, remain shiny and bright after washing them over time. Purchasing wearable polyester artwork becomes a real deal!

But this is not the only reason that makes polyester an excellent material.

For the production of sportswear and urban clothing, we use recycled polyester; in this way, we get zero waste and absolute benefits. Above all, we do our part in protecting the environment.

The rPET, the recycled polyester

Many clothing companies are choosing sustainability to recycle 20% ​​of the polyester used in the garments made by 2030, also reducing C02 emissions from ethylene glycol (derived from petroleum) using rPET to produce less plastic and independent from oil extraction.

Blowhammer consciously chooses polyester as the main fabric for a good portion of colourful wearable artworks. The advantages are many, but especially it is more sustainable! A crucial detail for our company having respect for the environment at heart. Among other things, we only use water-based inks and machinery that does not need the use of chemical solvents!

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