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In our team, some of us love extreme sports such as parkour, bungee jumping, parachuting, and some others love soccer, basketball or getting up at 6 to run. 

For efficiently training yourself, it's essential to feel comfortable and focused; never lack the creativity to challenge yourself and use your energy to handle every obstacle.

When we design our joggers we consider all that: they must be practical, resistant and stylish! They are one of our favourite garments, so drive-by interest we found out their origins

Here's what our research came up with!

The French origin of joggers

The first joggers were created in the 1920s by Emile Camuset for athletes who specialised in running and similar sports. The goals of this well-known garment were: to keep the muscles warm, to facilitate movement and give comfort thanks to the jersey fabric. It became so popular that in the Thirties there was a first small revolution: jersey was replaced by cotton, more suitable in the warm months.

On the way of failure

Despite being practical, joggers could not compete with jeans and their popularity, especially in spare time. Dark, lighter ones, with patches or the most refined, jeans are still versatile and practical today, as well as being fanciful and suitable for any occasion; the joggers, on the other hand, seemed to fit only to go to the gym.

When hitting rock bottom you can only go up. And this is how comfort was re-evaluated between the sixties and seventies and got the better of whatever you decide to wear.

Those were the years of rebellion, of non-conformism: the first street artists filled the streets, hip-hop took hold, there was a desire for freedom, a space for change and revolution to move quickly, to run, to get dirty, to sweat and to train.

The era of Athleisure

Who does not remember Rocky's formidable runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Or John Rodney Mullen's spectacular skate evolutions? Or the magical freestylers of Dj Kool Herc.

Artists of the emerging Athleisure culture have made sportswear the heart of their daily life.

The goal is to improve your life without any limitations, moving with the cat swiftness through the streets, creating and experimenting with any art form without boundaries.

Keeping up this feeling led us to create our works. Although many years have passed by, that energy is still guiding us. A vital force representing everything we do or choose to wear and create.

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