Let’s talk about our sublimation printed wearable artworks

Our manufacturing process is 100% Made in Italy. Cutting-edge technology and attention to materials are our strengths. Our fabrics are always soft, light, resistant: we only work with sublimation digital printing technology. What are the benefits?


Colours remain brilliant

The details are well defined and do not fade with washes Printed fabrics, remaining soft and breathable.

Magenta, cyan, black and yellow are the four colours to paint our world. Blending different elements gives us new ideas on interpreting life. These four colours let us dream big and create many varied artworks. Our purpose is to have a perfect rendering that improves graphics and shades. The colours are our creativity.

How digital sublimation printing works

T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, trousers, swimsuits, beach towels, masks are customized to enhance the uniqueness of our collections. We keep in mind our values but constantly changing to find new ideas and discover new ways to build our path. Art means sharing creativity.

We use eco-friendly water-based inks to respect the environment. Thanks to sublimation printing, the inks heated up and stressed, take on a gaseous form that penetrates the fabrics - whether they are 100% polyester or combined with 60% cotton.

The result? Rich colours, bright shades, resistance and softness: a unique combo, our trademark.

Why do we choose sublimation digital printing?

The colours don't fade after several washes because they remain combined between the fibres of the fabrics, keeping them soft and breathable. Our wearable artworks can hold up to 360 °. Our clothing lines are dynamic and sporty, to support everybody's journey and dreams.

Compared to other types of printing, sublimation has its benefit: the fabrics let the skin underneath naturally "breathe".

Our superior quality fabrics guarantee softness, a great fit and bright printed colours.

We always keep in mind our goals. Our values ​​are our core and constant sources of inspiration. 

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