One Snapback, several ways to wear it!

We've got your back, here are all the tips on how to rock our Blowhammer snapback collection!

Before diving into all these fashion hints, we need to answer the question for you: What is a Snapback?

Well, it might seem irrelevant and almost obvious, but it doesn't. 

Men, women, children, people of all ages, we all wear one, at least once in our lifetime.  

The snapback is a practical, versatile accessory and you might know it as the "baseball cap"!

When was the first snapback born?

The first snapback was born in 1860. During baseball games players of the Brooklyn Excelsior team needed to cover their eyes for the sunlights, so they began to wear it.

But it was only during the 80s & 90s that snapbacks managed to make it outside the sports scene, thanks to hip hop and rap culture. At the time, only one brand was producing them, the historic New Era, which commercialised them since the '50s.

The original influencer who applied it on an everyday use was the director, screenwriter and actor Spike Lee. In 1996 He asked the CEO of New Era to create a red snapback just for himself.

At that point, it became a fashion statement to add charm to any outfit for women, men, sports necessity and business ones. 


How to wear a snapback? 

Although snapbacks are accessories mostly street styles relatedwe can wear them on any occasions beyond sportswear, always adding some extra rage to any look.


1.Classy style

Are you a businessman-oriented but you spend your spare time going around on a skateboard? Well, you would love our snapback!

Choose the ones you like the most and match them with the 80s- style coats, minimal trench coat or leather jacket. 

Be a young professional but always keeping your personality out of the box. 


  1. Casual style

The snapback suits perfectly your casual style with a pair of denim garments, whether their colours are blue jeans, black or others.

The ideal combination? Ripped black jeans, white t-shirt, denim jacket, a snapback and a pair of sneakers.

The most eclectic and contemporary classical style that made it famous. 


  1. Coachella style

Fearless and colourful, this trend evokes music, festivals, warm atmospheres and freedom. It's a renewed hippie style including durable denim, bright graphics and bright colours

So many possible combinations available, including:

It's Simply impossible to get tired of this nifty accessory: you can never get enough.

So let's get straight to the point and have a look at the selection of Blowhammer snapbacks.

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