Street Art & Videogames: a generational tribute

Youth heroes and now idols, video game characters are still flamboyant friends, kind of! What matters are the exciting evenings we spent playing with them, helping us face our fears!



Bittersweet memories of our childhood: parents telling us to stop playing for hours and punishing us taking away the console. Now that we got older it hasn't changed much: no mother is interrupting us, there is work to do tho, disconnecting us from our heroes, family responsibilities, perhaps even a little fatigue.

But they are still there, permanently tied to our imagination, supporting and pushing us to overwhelm the several barriers to defeat the enemy!

Street Art wants to praise them, launching a new "iconographic era": the cities look change, coloured with nostalgia and memories of the virtual world's legends that inhabit our reality. The main characters of the most cherished video games, now part of the legendary "Hall of Fame", pop out from the facades of buildings and garages, from dark boardwalks and the most beautiful spots in the world thanks to the imagination and inspiration of Street Artists who gave them new life!

@Pac-Man mural - Eric Fischer


Super Mario, Sonic and Pac-Man!

The most loved character is the legendary Super Mario, the most famous plumber worldwide. Often displayed together with his inseparable brother Luigi, the sweet princess and the iconic red mushrooms with white polka dots, Super Mario deserves a place of honor in our hearts and, apparently, in the hearts of many Street Artists. The first video game of Super Mario Bros was in 1985, launched by Nintendo. He aged well, having sold over 262 million copies he is still one of the most loved classics!


Strolling in New York you may come across a massive mural depicting Donkey Kong, originally Super Mario's enemy, made by the artist Phil Flash. His tribute is special thanks to the location: the Donkey Kong facade has fire escape stairs to symbolize the original game environment!




What about the murals featuring Sonic, the fastest hedgehog in the world?! Emerging in our lives for the first time in 1991, he is still fit to fight Dr Eggman, his nemesis always wanting to dominate the world and destroy it! The most illustrated Sonic by Street Artists is the original 16-bit from '91; to admire an iconic work, find out Geist Zero, a German root street artist creating a pixelated version of the very powerful hedgehog!


And how can we not mention the iconic Pac-man in this list?! 

Released in 1980, it continues to fascinate millions of people, deserving the title of the most loved arcade game! Pac-man has also become the star of TV series and cartoons, his face has appeared on many products: t-shirts, posters, key rings, mugs! The murals by Street artists such as Leon Keer, Zlin and Invader are dedicated to Pac-man!


Mural by and @amuse


We end this short review of the video game worlds mentioning them: Pokemon. They can be cherished or not, but it's impossible to forget them! Originally developed by Nintendo, in the nineties by Satoshi Tajiri, Pokemon have met instant success worldwide, the heroes of many adventures, also to be part of augmented virtual reality! There are over 700 Pokemon, the most famous is Pikachu, an inspiration for many Street Artists such as Gameboy One, Steven Wong, Nefasth and Joram Roukes!

@Zlin - Pac-Man

 And yourself?

What is your favorite video game and which one would you like to see painted on the street?

Have you already seen your favorite video game turned into street art? Where? Let us know in the comments!

@Dark Elvis - The Fargo Mario Wall

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