Surrealist photographer Erik Johansson teaches us to seize ideas and moments.

Often Compared to geniuses such as Salvador Dalì and René Magritte, Erik Johansson is still one of a kind. 

He was just fifteen when he received his first digital camera, and he instantly found a new creative enthusiasm. His eclectic personality perfectly blends with his hobby of drawing then eventually led him to create something unique.

Johansson revealed what photography means for him: "it's all about being at the right place at the right timeI thought anyone could do it" and his confidence drives him to pursue something different,“ Where the essential phase is the shooting moment”.

Erik's work appears realistic despite the surrealist approach. His creativity consists entirely of assembling several pieces of photographs, like a puzzle. To achieve: «Something that is not a portrait, but that can still give authenticity to the shot».


"What creates the illusion?"

The "retouching genius" has finally revealed what skill makes his photographs so realistic and the question to ask him is: "What creates the illusion?" The answer lies behind the perspective but it also depends on how we see the world. "It's not about what's real, but what we think it looks like."


Johansson's three rules

So here is the trick: there are three rules that Erik Johansson use in the creation and manufacture of his works.

  1. The photos to be combined must have the same perspective.
  2. The photos to be combined must also have the same light.
  3. Make it impossible to notice where the two different images start and end.

And after having revealed his tricks to the world, having made everyone feel part of his work, Erik Johansson admits that: «The tools are accessible to anyone, the only limit is our imagination».

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