Sweatshirt history: from workers garment to trendy apparel

The cold weather is hitting all Europe and once we are out in the cold, we revalue the importance of a comfortable sofa, a fireplace and hot chocolate but the most important thing is the sweatshirt: the most valuable item of clothing in our wardrobe. Anyone can wear one: from Rocky Balboa, who prefers plain - coloured and boxing gloves, to any of us who might fancy bright colours and graphics illustrations.

The hoodie was a humble garment, just like the T-Shirt and blue jeans. It had to cover the workers from critical weather conditions and protect sportsmen during winter training. 'Champion' was the first brand to design a hooded sweatshirt.

In the Sixties in America, the girls in high school used to wear their boyfriend sweatshirts. For the first time, outside of any work or sport situation, people started to appreciate it.

 Then in the mid-seventies, the sweatshirt was also used by writers and stick-up-kids - pickpockets - who needed to protect their identities so the hooded sweatshirt was perfect for their illegal actions.

Not only the "bad" boys used to wear it. The Z-Boys were the first skaters to use pools for their stunts. They wore sweatshirts until it was their distinctive feature to make them unique

Some other artists used to rock this style during the 90s like The Notorious B.I.G. and the Wu-Tang Clans.

These are only some of the famous names to mention. Luke Cage, a Netflix original series, paid tribute to Trayvon Martin, the South American boy shot just because he was wearing a sweatshirt.

So this is the story of a simple garment, born to protect and later turn into a political statement.

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