The differences: Rap vs Trap

Trap and Rap differences have split public opinions for some time in Italy. 

The argument started with the rise of Italian artists such as Ghali, Izi, Sfera Ebbasta, Rkomi, Tedua, Charlie Charles. Well, it is about time to calm things down and dive into the topic. 

Let's start from the beginning. 

What is Trap music/ what are the differences with Rap?

First of all, Rap as a musical genre is quite diversified and include 

Trap as well, which is a sub-genre of Southern rap, and eventually a sub-genre of rap and hip hop music!

Trap rise in Atlanta in the 1990s, in the trap houses - houses where American dealers produced and sold drugs - and this is where the name of the subgenre comes. The beat is what makes a trap song: the sounds of the 808, repetitive and heavy kicks, distorted sub-bass typically dub, hi-hat and the use of synth for the instrumental part.

And here is the first difference between Trap and Rap: the sound.

As much as the vast Rap genre can be, two aspects identify it: the rhythm that distinguishes the rhymes or the “4/4 rhythms”. To make it clear, 2pac with Dear mama and Future with Move that dope.

What we get are two artists rapping, yes, but what are they talking about? And this is exactly the second difference between Trap and Rap: the subject. Considering that Trap was born in trap houses, it is clear that one of the main topics is and might always be: drugs. But the roots of Trap is not defined only by its thread, the artists also focus on what is life in the streets of the cities where their inspiration comes from.

Within so many differences we can find some common ground. Both styles have something to tell: life in the gloomy urban streets and often misery. 

It is relevant to point out the differences and motivate the expression through these two kinds of music, but it is also important to recognize their common roots.

Trap and Rap are two different things, but the second one gave birth to the first, you know: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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