The era of Street Art during Covid-19: how the pandemic has influenced urban spaces

Street Art roots in urban areas and public places and is influenced by the situations happening in the world. As we write this article, the recent global coronavirus pandemic is still a hot topic. At the moment, we are not in lockdown, although there are still rules to follow. The main one is to wear a mask, a symbol of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Street Art desires to tell about this new world and give recognition to the mask, an improbable symbol of resistance and protection, but also of constriction and scepticism.

The streets of the cities become open-air canvases where you can show new normality and talk about rebellion and compassion, distress and hope.

Politicians are also targeted by artists, becoming the object of satire and critiques.

Street Art has always been "rebellious" with a long history of social criticism and dedication in political and social issues, it doesn't surprise that many murals, graffiti and drawings appeared in the US, UK, Italy and France protesting against the institutions accused of not dealing with the emergency promptly; many murals are dedicated to health workers, doctors, nurses, researchers recognised as the heroes who dared to expose themselves in the front line against the virus.

Often artists create post-apocalyptic artwork, to tell the oddity of a completely new and unpredictable situation; in some instances, the images created by artists were born with an educational purpose.

They also turned out to be ironic, able to make the viewer smile even if they hide it by a mask or turning on the passion. The feelings are so strong that cross the boundary dictated by the virus.

More than any other art form, Street Art is the one that understood more the impact of COVID-19. Perhaps because it is born in the confusion of the streets, giving more sympathy to the pain of a lifetime that it is still not back to "normal".

Artists have perceived the essence of these unimaginable days, giving back a representation that will endure in history.

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