The legend behind the Bungee jumping and his pioneer Mr AJ Hackett

In a faraway land in the South Pacific Ocean called Pentecost Island, in Vanuatu administration, the infamous extreme sport Bungee Jumping rose to fame for the first time.

The legend behind it tells about a woman living on the island and abused by her husband until one day she decided to hide from him by climbing a high tree.

Once he spotted her and tried to reach her, she dared him to jump off the cliff.

She secretly secured her ankles to the vines and then threw herself down. The man seeing her doing so felt his pride wounded and could no longer pull back and jumped off immediately after. She was able to save her own life while he died. 

Since that episode, the locals' women recreate the scene annually, but after a short time, the men felt the need to redeem themselves for the humiliation by performing it. 

 Over time this practice became an initiation ritual to represent the path from youth to adulthood. Only around the seventies, members of the Dangerous Sports Club, of the University of Oxford, studied for the first time a more stable and safer alternative to the vine and made their first leap. They jumped with rubber ropes from the Clifton Suspension Bridge - Bristol, England - but they got immediately arrested. After a few years, New Zealander A.J. Hackett and Henry van Asch developed bungee cords and thanks to their discovery we owe them the name Bungee - or Bungy - which means elastic rope in "Kiwi". Following various experiments, the two needed to test the strings. They didn't want to try them on random buildings, they flew to Paris and climbed the Eiffel Tower at night, the same morning A.J. Hackett jumped for the first time.

He got arrested right after, but it took only him five minutes to be released.

On November 12 1988 Bungee Jumping became a real extreme sport. A.J. Hackett and Henry Van Asch opened their first bungee centre, shortly after they convinced the local authorities to let them make it what is now a sport practised worldwide.

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