What is the “HI-RES” PRINT SYSTEM?

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and requires innovation and temper. 

It is now the era of digitalization!

To print the best quality designs on our trendy garments we use the high-quality and high-resolution digital sublimation printing technique. 

All our wearable artworks are 100% made in Italy.

Thanks to the colour rendering and the highly detailed cut-edge technology and materials the final result is a "HI-RES" colour print.

Blowhammer products are washable without damaging the image quality.

The digital revolution of textile production: The High-Resolution digital sublimation printing

At Blowhammer, we believe new technologies are the powerhouse for changes. We joined the world of digital textile-printing and sublimation leaves room for improvement in the apparel business.

The sublimation process in the digital printing system is similar to the inks alteration with the heat, converting into gas and permanent melting in the polyester surface. All our inks are eco-friendly.

This printing technique offers high quality, longer life and high resistance. It's the best solution to obtain permanent and “HI-RES” colour printing.

In general, there are four main benefits of sublimation printing compared to other textile printing methods:

  • the colours are extraordinarily bright
  • the image does not fade and does not crack
  • the colourant does not concentrate on the fabric
  • printed fabrics remain soft and breathable

Digital textile printing is the future of fashion and we are part of this revolution. In this way, designers and creatives can explore, experiment and create durable and more efficient artworks than traditional printing.

What is the best fabric to combine with HI-RES sublimation printing?

For printing high-resolution and highest quality garments, polyester materials are the ideal choice for digital sublimation printing. The colourants already in the sublimation ink can easily blend in with the polyester particles. Colours are not fading and at the same time, the fabrics remain soft and breathable. It works well also for active and sporty clothing, dedicated to those who are always on the go.

The 100% cotton material is not the most suitable for dye sublimation. The natural textures of the cotton do not blend in permanently with the dyes of the sublimation ink eventually fading away. 

The perfect fabric for sublimation digital printing is polyester or a combination that contains at least 40% of it.

HI-RES technology empower our creative path

From t-shirts to masks, swimming suits and beach towels, all our artworks are personalized, detailed and colourful. 

Sublimation digital printing allows making prints all over, (all over the garment). We have decided to adopt the "HI-RES" (High Resolution) technology on our polyester garments for sublimation printing mainly for two reasons:

Superior print quality. HI-RES printing produces an exceptional level of print accuracy and colours. The final result will beat your expectations compared to traditional textile printing methods;

Limitless design. With digital printing, the design choices are endless - a fantastic tool for designers.

Fashion is all about personalization, digital sublimation printing is the perfect tool to design more creative and innovative solutions.

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