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Blowhammer for Good is a new beginning, a new ethically sustainable vision that we want to pursue to protect humanity and the planet.

Blowhammer feat Imama

Together with the Imama Association, we have started a solidarity relay in which every artist hands over the pen to redesign a new collection. 

The first artist to start this virtuous social operation is Nicola Rinaldi, aka Nik the Rookie, with his African and women-inspired artwork for the first Blooming Collection to support the project. 

Nik the beginner

Erripo Ontoye - We protect the girls

Every year over 3.9 million girls undergo FGM and more than 200 million women worldwide live with the physical, psychological and social consequences of FGM. 

Ending female genital mutilation and the forced marriage of children is a struggle that must be waged from within, by the girls and women of the community themselves. 

 With the establishment of a girls' academy, girls are accepted into a program in which they can develop and strengthen themselves so that they can consciously make their own decisions. 

 Girls are further supported to improve their leadership and entrepreneurship skills. The project also aims to improve knowledge about reproductive sexual health in adolescent boys and girls, as well as other young people, so that they can make informed decisions about their sexual health and rights. 

 Erripo Ontoye in Kenya - Let's protect girls - developed by AMREF will be the first project that we will support thanks to the solidarity relay. 


Blowhammer feat Imama Blooming Collection

By purchasing the articles from the Blooming Collection you'll contribute to guarantee a scholarship for the girls of the Erripo project within the Girl's Academy.

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