Cloud9 Capsule celebrates immortal art. It is freedom within space-time, a distillation of classical vision and futuristic imagination, a rebellious aesthetic experience that has entered our way of seeing the world. More than artwork to wear, a way of being and a way of living.

 Apotheosis of Hercules

François Lemoyne
Palazzo di Versailles

After wearing a poisoned tunic dipped in the blood of Nessus, Hercules decides to throw himself into a stake set on Mount Eta to put an end to his pains. Hercules is thus glorified among the gods of Olympus by Zeus, who intervenes in a thunder before the extreme gesture takes place..


Putti: a ceiling decoration

Pieter Paul Rubens
Dulwich Picture Gallery

The Putti represent a link between the adult human being and childhood. Just as children at play make adults happy, so cherubs make the eyes of the beholder shine. Putti remind us that even life can be light and carefree.


The fall of rebel Angels

Pieter Brugel il Vecchio
Museo reale delle belle arti del Belgio, Bruxelles

From the light of heaven, the angelic hosts launch themselves to defeat evil, represented by the rebel angels who, descending into hell, are transformed into monsters.
At the center of the scene, in a golden armor, the Archangel Michael hurls himself against the dragon, which represents the devil.


The Fallen Angel

Alexandre Cabanel
Museo Fabre, Montpellier

The painting immortalizes the exact moment in which the rebellion of Lucifer arises from pain and shame. The gaze, full of anger and resignation, exudes negative vibrations, as if a furious reaction was almost underway, highlighted by the tear. Cabanel with this painting reminds us how much human feelings are a mirror of divine qualities.


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