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Here at Blowhammer, we know that protecting the planet is a serious matter. However, no model satisfied us, we wanted an alternative to fast fashion compatible with our vision. This is why we have built it ourselves by adopting eco-innovative strategies since our foundation in 2013.

“Being green has always been part of our vision and our ethics. We grew into it as human beings first and then as a company ”
―Salvatore Sinigaglia, CEO & Founder

Our contribution

We cut our emissions by 70% using active carbons that filter fumes of one of the printing stages

We embraced the just-in-time model. We craft garments only after customers' purchase, preventing overproduction and reducing emissions by a further 30% each year

We give a second life to production scraps by donating them to textile laboratories

We only use certified atoxic inks without chemicals
[ECO PASSPORT] Certification label No. NEP 1604

We only use recyclable materials which guarantee fabrics and prints durability

We upcycle clothes you don't wear anymore through our Re-generate programme

Re-generate programme

Everyone deserves a second chance, even your clothes.

Every year 87% of the garments produced in the world ends up in incinerators or landfills.

You can contribute too breaking this loop. Send us the Blowhammer clothes you no longer wear and we will give them a new life.

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